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Dec 1, 2011 11:00am PST
in egypt may lose that country's landmark election. >> also, the crisis in syria. the death toll skyrockets as stability spirals out of control. >>> and a failing grade. are california's kids too plump to play on tla ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >>> welcome back everyone. it has been nothing short of a long and passionate journey fighting the affliction of a.i.d.s., 30 years now. that is the white house this morning with a red ribbon hanging around it. it is world a.i.d.s. day today and the entire world reflecting back on this passionate type of process. it is 11:12 right now. >>> bell, this morning, the islamic brotherhood is claiming victory during early voting in egypt's landmark parliamentary election. islamists say they're on track to win a dominant majority. it appears the party has taken 40% of the vote and is expected. the victory comes at the expense of liberal parties and youth activist who's set off the re
Dec 9, 2011 11:00am PST
to places like syria and gadhafi's libya. they know who they are. the senate is considering a law called the global online freedom act that would prohibit the sale of technology that can be used to deny people basic human rights. the 17 countries who used the euro as currency have voted to centralize their economies, sort of the way the fed controls our money flow. before now, the euro was the central currency, but no one group was in charge. from an economic point of view, you can kind of think of it as a change from countries into states, more like our states, at least economically. other countries in the european union, notably england are against this plan, but it's worth remembering there are two europes. there's the 27-member countries of the e.u, and then the subset, the 17 that use the euro as a common currency and england is obviously not one of them. the other take awayen of this, guys, is germany. germany clearly in charge of the new inner europe in ways that nobody could've anticipated just a few years ago. >> all right, scott, thank you very much. >> time to check the foreca
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2